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Monday, October 16, 2006

Breaking the law, Andes-style

I have been getting more and more pictures documenting the use of public funds to advertise President Chávez's reelection, in clear violation of Venezuelan laws. This latest batch is from the Andean state of Mérida.

The first picture shows Chávez, in full Presidential-regalia, patting himself in the back by announcing that the state government has acquired 60 police cars. It was taken in mid-October on Avenida Las Américas, one of Mérida's main thoroughfares. It reads "overcoming challenges!", forgetting that the challenge does not lie in buying police cars, but in lowering sky-high crime rates, something the government has clearly failed at. One wonders how many more police cars could be bought with the money it takes to keep that sign up.

The second picture tells us that Chavez, looking severly constipated, is responsible for fixing up a bridge between Mérida and El Vigía, on a highway that is currently named for former President Rafael Caldera. One wonders how long it will be before they adapt the name to these revolutionary times. Oh, and a message to Chavez: dude, real men don't wear yellow...

The third sign says that Chávez is responsible for further construction on that same road - the picture does not include everything but the most important content is there: the picture is paid for by the Mérida State government, and it advertises the sitting President in violation of Venezuelan law.

The readers who contributed these pictures apologize for not taking more pictures. They told me that in every town you pass while driving the Trans-Andean road, you see Chávez signs paid for by each town hall.


Blogger PGP said...

Thanks for posting this......
Abuses of power and chicanery of officials is a concern to everyone who values freedom.

12:32 PM  
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